Genocide Memorial: Four Years Of Buhari Crimes Against Humanity

Today  12th December 2019 marks exactly four years since the start of the genocide and crimes against humanity committed by the Buhari Junta. As part of the Genocide Memorial, let us examine more closely a number of these criminal offences witnessed in Zaria in one of the darkest weekends ever seen in the history of Nigeria. 1. Mass extrajudicial killings: On that fateful weekend, the Nigerian Army started the killing spree at about 12:00 noon on Saturday, 12th December. As they shot without provocation, they also dragged the corpses along…

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Zaria Genocide Memorial: It is Four Years Of Continuing Brutality And More Heinous Crimes By The Buhari Regime

The days between 12-14th December 2019 marks the fourth anniversary of the Zaria Massacre. On days like those Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and thousands of his followers faced the most brutal crackdown ever, spearheaded by the Nigerian Army, at the behest of the Buhari-led Nigerian regime and its foreign backers. In those forty-eight hours of that eventful weekend, over a thousand unarmed Nigerian citizens were extrajudicially gunned down in cold blood and many hundred others were arrested. It was in those two cruel…

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