Zaria Genocide Memorial: Disturbing Video Clip Of Buhari’s Crimes Against Humanity

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has continued to commemorate the Zaria Genocide, which took place between December 12 and 14, 2015, during which the Nigerian Army killed over a thousand innocent citizens on the direct orders of President Buhari, and attempted to conceal their crime, secretly burying corpses at night at far away Mando in the outskirts of Kaduna, almost 100km away from the crime scene in mass graves. To further divert attention from the gravity of their heinous crimes, they resorted to blaming the victims. It is noteworthy that…

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Zaria Genocide Memorial: How Beastly Nigerian Soldiers Stole From Their Dead Victims

The lowest point in the gruesome extra-judicial killing of innocent, unarmed members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by the Nigerian Army was when pictures of soldiers stooping to pickpockets of their dead victims emerged. The Nigerian Army had killed over a thousand members of the IMN between December 12th and 14th, 2015 in Zaria. After the shooting spree, soldiers were captured in pictures searching and stealing from the corpses. Items they apparently stole from their dead victims included money, rings, wristwatches, necklaces, and other ornamental items. Thereafter, they threw…

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