2015 Zaria massacre: Kaduna High Court Delivers Judgement Today

Today, Thursday, 19/12/19  the Kaduna State High Court will deliver judgement in the “no-case” submission entered by the defence lawyers in the case filed by the Kaduna State government against the last batch of members of the Islamic Movement being detained since December 2015 following the heinous attacks by the Nigerian Army in Zaria.

This will conclude the four-year legal battle, in which the Kaduna state government sued over 200 members of the Islamic Movement after the heinous Zaria genocide perpetrated by the Nigerian Army in December 2015 that led to the killing of over a thousand innocent souls, and a secret mass grave burial.

The survivors of that horrendous attack were falsely charged by the Kaduna government of sundry offences, including that of culpable homicide, punishable by death.

A Kaduna State High Court had earlier discharged and acquitted about a hundred others who stood trial for the same charges since the 31st of July, 2018. It is expected that the same fate awaits the other 100 people whose case had dragged on for a further year and a half, especially as no further evidence had been brought forward, and the prosecution had been unable to prove its case.

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