THAT MISADVENTURE: Trump Thought Iran is Iraq, Now He Thinks Nigeria Is Iran

He wanted to use Iran to booster his ego. He thought war is about weapons. He thought the noise they make of American invisibility was real. When his weapon defence system failed, those who knew called him into a room and gave him a bit by bit account. That Iranian missiles rain, put the living fear into him. America was about to be demystified. So, he beat a hasty retreat. Today America is still counting its casualties. Of course apart from loss hardware, America is losing its grip on the…

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Book On Zaria Massacre Sends Chills Down Nigerian Govt’s Spine – See Why

Nigerian authorities have been quite jittery since the news of the publication of the book on Zaria Massacre on the World stage entitled: “DECEMBER 2015 MASSACRE OF SHIITES IN NIGERIA: SURVIVORS ACCOUNTS”. The reason for this unease is that the book contains testimonies by survivors of the heinous war crimes by the Nigerian authorities against unarmed civilian citizens, who are a minority religious community, members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. The book vitally adds to the body of evidence that the International Criminal Court at The Hague, which announced…

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