THAT MISADVENTURE: Trump Thought Iran is Iraq, Now He Thinks Nigeria Is Iran

He wanted to use Iran to booster his ego. He thought war is about weapons. He thought the noise they make of American invisibility was real.

When his weapon defence system failed, those who knew called him into a room and gave him a bit by bit account. That Iranian missiles rain, put the living fear into him. America was about to be demystified.

So, he beat a hasty retreat. Today America is still counting its casualties. Of course apart from loss hardware, America is losing its grip on the region. They are about to be kicked out of the Middle East.

So Trump has turned to soft targets to appease the American citizens. Vulnerable countries like Nigeria, with lifeless and fantastically corrupt persons as leaders, are focused on. He has just banned Nigerians from getting visa into America. Are Nigerians Iranians?

Already, their agents have started churning rubbish. One clown, a retired Director of Trade and Investment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Rasheed Akinkuolie, had stated that Nigeria might have been placed on the US restriction list on the account of its large Shi’ites population, as if to suggest that having a large Shi’ah population is a crime.

On the contrary the Shiite community are a peaceful community with no history of terrorist attack ever in spite of unfair profiling and blackmail by the government. They have been victims of state terror – including the extrajudicial killing of hundreds of citizens, who were hurriedly but secretly buried in mass graves, which by any standard, is a war crime. Yet, they have never taken up arms against the country or against any foreign Nationals or interests in retaliation. Thus, there is no basis for citing them as the reason for any action by Trump or his cronies in and out of the country.

When it was said 254 wounded were evacuated to Jordan and Israel, you disagreed. When it was said 84 body bags were evacuated to an aircraft carrier in sea, you disagreed. Today, America has said not fewer than 34 troops are brain dead from that attack. Two essential bases destroyed, because a megalomaniac brought his taciturnity into governance. All these, Iran has not even started with their revenge. The envisaged damage is why America has taken Iranian news off radar. Everything is hushed now and Trump just hope it will all go away. It will not. That assassination will haunt and hurt America in no small measure. Trump is a mistake the Americans will have to live with in the coming years.

Adapted from Johnson Andrew as copied; from Eric Morgan’s wall.

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