Emulate Shi’ites In Being Self-sufficient, Gov Masari Counsels Religious Groups

Other religious Sunni groups in Nigeria have been advised to emulate the Shi’ites in Nigeria in being self-sufficient and reliant on themselves only.

This advice was given by the Katsina state governor, Aminu Masari while addressing a group of Sunni scholars last week.

Masari, who decried the beggarly attitude of these Sunni groups, noted that, “each day, we get up to 20 or more requests of financial assistance from one Sunni organization or the other.”

He wondered why they would not be making use of their touted numerical strength to raise funds to be self-sufficient like the Shi’ites, whom he noted raise their funds and are self-reliant, without having to beg for funds from anybody or the government.

Governor Masari of Katsina state explaining that Shi’ites never rely on money from any government but raise their funds from among themselves, so other Sunni groups must copy them in being self-reliant and not begging money from any government.

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