Uncouth Attacks On Islamic Movt Not Sufficient To Save Sanusi’s Crown This Time

Clearly the uncouth attacks on Shia Islam in general and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in particular was this time not sufficient to save the just dethroned Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido from humiliation and abasement by those he tried to impress by attacking the Movement anytime he tries to save his reign on the hitherto vast Kano domain.

His frequent gush of fury and vitriol against Shi’ah and the Islamic Movement and its leadership could not pacify Ganduje, as the Kano state governor dethroned him and smoked the palace in an attempt to force the embattled ex-Emir out of the Palace to be whisked away into forced exile.

This former Emir’s outpour of animosity towards Shiah in general and the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzkay and the Movement in particular was legendary.

He colluded with some moles within the Islamic Movement soon after the infamous Zaria genocide to balkanize the Movement. His well reported rants in the wake of the Zaria massacre of December, 2015 followed a secret meeting between these moles and himself within the Chambers of the Palace.

These moles had assembled in his palace for a secret meeting to form “another Shi’a group” that would replace the Islamic Movement so as to lure those surviving members of the Movement into thinking it is Shiah that they are preaching. That was what gave birth to a dubious group called SHIMAN.

However, as things turned out, it was his Emirate that was rather balkanized as the governor had earlier signed the bill into law that balkanized the Emirate.

In December 2015, he similarly declared that this country was a Sunni one from inception and must not tolerate any other ideology. He then called on his district heads to take action.

The the true colour of his character was visible for all to see when he joined President Buhari and other Wahabi clerics soon after the Zaria genocide for “Victory Party” in Mecca in early 2016.

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