What Sheikh Zakzaky Told Late Kyari During Condolence Visit In 2014

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, had spelt out the modus operandi of the Movement to the late CoS to the President, Abba Kyari, when the later paid him a condolence visit in 2014 on the ocassion of the death of his 3 sons killed during the Jonathan’s government.

Sheikh Zakzaky said, while welcoming the delegation including the late Kyari, that all he does is to preach with wisdom and self-restraint, and not to use guns.

“We only preach. When it comes to preaching, that’s our field. God endowed us with wisdom, but not them.
“When it comes to scholarship, again that’s our field. We educate people. they don’t!
“In the field of common sense and self-restraint too, you will find us there.
“However, the use of guns, that’s their own field. They possess guns and they can kill. That’s where they major in,” he posited.

He said no one should be decieved by the multitude of followers he has, pointing out that had he used guns, they wouldn’t have gathered.

“Although you see large multitude of followers with us, it wasn’t gun that was used to assemble them. We sensibly preach to them with wisdom and they see the sense in it, and thus gather. If we were using guns, nobody will come to us.”

He noted that the government thinks that they would be able to use guns to disperse the Movement. “But they think they can use guns to disperse us. However, having used the guns against us, they only spread our message”, he stated. “We asked them; ‘you think guns are the solution to everything?'”

Condolence visit in 2014 to Sheikh Zakzaky by Late Abba Kyari

Turning to his sons that were killed, Sheikh Zakzaky said, “we don’t consider our killed children as lost. We are being tried – and we have to be patient. What is left? God will reward us. But vengeance is of the Lord.”

It was as if he had a premonition that the late Abba Kyari would be a key figure in a government that would massacre his followers, his sons inclusive, and would further shoot, detain him while denying him access to healthcare barely a year after the visit.

In his brief response, the late Kyari talked about Boko Haram and agreed with the Sheikh that it doesn’t exist.

Earlier, Abba Kyari was introduced to Malam as, “our brother, our friend, from Borno, from Kaduna and from Abuja.”

At the end, the Sheikh thanked them for coming.

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