Gambari Gets Rewarded As Buhari CoS For Role In Muddying Zaria Massacre Storyline

Prof Ibrahim Gambari gets his reward as the new Chief of Staff to President Gen Buhari for his blind loyalties even against his calling and conscience, for his role as a member in the charade that was the Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCI) instituted to muddy the storyline of the heinous Zaria genocide of December 2015.

He has been carefully chosen to replace the late Abba Kyari, who was the principal and sole person behind the proscription of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) by Justice Nkeonye Maha of the Federal High Court Abuja on July 26, 2019,  relying on a memo by the Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari.

When the Kaduna state government constituted the Judicial Commission consisting of persons known to be vehemently opposed to the Islamic Movement and what it stands for as well as those with clear vested interests, Prof Gambari’s name ticked many of the boxes to be a member of the Kangaroo Commission. He typically delivered as required and much more.

The JCI made far-reaching recommendations purely based on hearsay evidence, and yet failed to make recommendations over glaring things before it. He was sitting at the Commission when Kaduna state government openly confessed to the extrajudicial killing of hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement and were hurriedly buried in a mass grave, yet didn’t offer any recommendation about the mass grave.

Prof Gambari was a member of a Commission that found and stated in their report that “the assumption that the IMN in Zaria was heavily armed was not verified,” and yet recommended that “members of the IMN should never be allowed to carry any unlicensed weapon under any guise” as if to confirm that their recommendations are based on mere assumptions. In fact, so many incongruent positions held by the Kangaroo Commission with Gambari as a member generously dotted the report in its entirety.

Not for the first time, Gambari would be selling his calling and conscience to satisfy interest and smear the cause of justice. Gambari had lent his career to assisting Nigerian dictators to oppress citizens through undemocratic acts, judicial murders, and large scale corruption. Most notable was his role in justifying the arbitrary execution of Saro-Wiwa after a flawed judicial process, which even the UN General Assembly had condemned at the time.  

Such a person would be the type to be entrusted with an assignment as a tyrant’s CoS, where blind loyalty to fraudulent and evil people is all that is desirous.


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