“I’m detribalized” – Sheikh Zakzaky declares

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria described himself  as “detribalized.” Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky made this declaration in a speech on 20th August, 2012.

Speaking against the irrationality of fighting on behalf of the tribe one finds himself, the revered Sheikh said, “I hate the term tribal.”

“No one has chosen to belong to any tribe. He only found himself belonging to the tribe and so there is no reason one should fight on the basis of tribe,” the Sheikh stated. Sheikh Zakzaky then declared, “I am detribalized.”

Evidently, the Sheikh seems to have matched his declaration with action, as his wife and the mother of his children, is a Yoruba lady,  and the duo are currently languishing in Kaduna prison for nearly six years now because the Nigerian government is waging an inexplicable war against him and his Movement.

The Sheikh has enjoyed an excellent relationship with all people from different tribes long before the attacks on him by the Nigerian army in first in July 2014 and again in December 2015.

Igbo Communities are not left behind in the fight for his freedom from unjustifiable detention
Women from Southern Kaduna visited Sheikh Zakzaky to condole him when Nigerian army killed his three sons in 2014
Members of Southern Kaduna (SOKAPU) visited him for consultations sometime back
Igbo Community leaders visit Sheikh Zakzaky
Paying condolence to Sheikh Zakzaky in his residence were Igbo leaders in Zaria
Late Chief Anyanwu was killed by the Nigerian army in Zaria as he tried to intervene to save Sheikh Zakzaky’s son’s lives. The army killed them all. Sheikh Zakzaky sent a delegation to his funeral in IMO State

Sheikh Zakzaky’s residence had always served a safe Haven for various tribes anytime there was a tribal crisis in Zaria. So many people’s lives were thereby saved.

Sheikh Zakzaky: Truly detribalized

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