NBA Confab: No Room For Mass Murderer, Who Disregards Rule Of Law

The Nigerian Bar Association has withdrawn its invitation to Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State to speak at the association’s annual general conference.

The association took the decision at its just concluded National Executive Committee meeting.

Prominent lawyers had severely criticized El-rufai’s inclusion as a speaker in the conference, which is scheduled to commence on 26th August, 2020.

While many called on the NBA to un-invite El Rufai from the NBA National Conference, others withdrew their participation. It was clear that El-Rufai’s participation is going to mar and take the shine off the conference had it not been withdrawn.

Governor Elrufai is someone whose notoriety for disrespect for the rule of law is legendary. He serially disobeys court judgements that don’t favour him, especially with respect to members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leadership.

He supervised the extra judicial murder of thousands of members of the Islamic Movement in December 2015 and buried them in mass graves and arrested the survivors. Even when a lopsided Judicial Commission of Inquiry that he set up said they found no weapons with members of the Islamic Movement and rather indicted the Nigerian army and called for their prosecution, Elrufai issued a white paper that paradoxically let the military officers off the hook, and rather declared the Movement an ‘unlawful society.’

Besides, he has on numerous occasions demonstrated that he is intolerant of those who criticize his government. Hence, the learned men have now declared that such a man had no business addressing a gathering of lawyers

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