Three Killed As Bitter Elrufa’i Unleash Fury On Shiites In Kaduna

At least 3 members of the Islamic Movement were today, Saturday evening, at Hayin Bello neighborhood violently killed by a team of policemen sent by the embittered governor, elRufai during their solemn Ashura session.

This was made known to journalists by the President Media Forum of the Islamic Movement, Malam Ibrahim Musa, in a press statement.

Malam Ibrahim Musa said a police vehicle that brought the assailants fell into the gutter and went up in flames as they tried to disappear from the scene, thereby torching a nearby house.

Reflection-online understands that a number of  people were also injured.

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria were holding the annual Ashura mourning commemorative sessions before the brutal attacks.

The full text of the statement follows:

Reports reaching us confirm that Governor Nasiru Elrufai, fresh from the pains of being de-invited to the annual conference of the NBA and the support of that by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, has sent a combined forces of armed men and thugs to violently attack members of the Movement who were conducting the Ashura mourning session in Kaduna.

Today, Saturday evening, at Hayin Bello neighborhood, a team of policemen attacked a gathering of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria holding the annual Ashura mourning commemorating the brutal assassination of Imam Husein, the Grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S) and killed 3 persons instantly.

Those killed are: Abubakar Talle, Ali Rigasa, and an unnamed person, with many people injured by gunshots. The police also vandalise the vehicles of those who attended the mourning session.

A police vehicle caught fire when it fell into a gutter as they tried to hurriedly run away after the shooting spree. That resulted in the burning of a nearby house.

This year’s Ashura mourning was started on Thursday 20/08/2020 coinciding with the beginning of new Islamic calendar 1442 in two other neighborhoods peacefully and is scheduled to culminate on the tenth of Muharram next week.


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