80-Year-Old Holds Free Zakzaky Poster Around Buhari’s Daura Streets As He Joins Procession

This year’s Ashura procession in Daura, the hometown of President Buhari, was uniquely enlightened with the participation of elderly men, including an 80-year-old Malam Sani Liman Dattijo, who held high a free-Zakzaky poster as they traversed the nook and crannies of the town.

Malam Sani, who identified himself as a member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and a very strong supporter of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, said he decided to join the procession to add his voice to the Free Zakzaky campaign.

He said that Buhari is only oppressing Sheikh Zakzaky because of his religious beliefs and nothing else. “Buhari is only a little pawn, being used by the world arrogance to oppress our Sheikh,” he said.

Malam Sani also chanted slogans along with others, who also held flags across the whole Daura town.

Malam Sani Liman Datijo holding Free Zakzaky campaign poster as they march around the streets of Daura at the weekend.

The procession ended peacefully.

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