Nig Army To Appear In Lekki Probe Panel: Watch Out For This Malicious Schemer, Shameless Liar

Reports have it that the Nigerian army has finally agreed to appear before the Judicial Commission of Inquiry looking into the now infamous Lekki massacre of 20th October 2020 after initial refusals.

It was learnt that they have filed papers at the Judicial panel’s registry, profiling some top senior army officers as witnesses when they eventually make their appearance. It is however pertinent to alert the world about their modus operandi, the same mode they used during the probe of Zaria massacre, during which they contracted an undercover agent, a malicious schemer and shameless liar as one of their major Consultants during the sittings.

Watch out: Undercover malicious and shameless liar, who goes by the name Mohammed Ali could once again appear to launder Nigerian army’s blood-soaked image.

In addition to appearing as a false witness, spawning spurious lies with reckless abandon, he could be seen seated strategically in a position where he could be directing the other senior military officers in the witness box what to answer and even how.

During the probe of the heinous Zaria genocide of December 2015, he played a major role in the widely discredited infamous Kaduna-instituted Judicial Commission of Inquiry, that looked for ways to indict the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leadership. The military officers, who were directly facing him, were told which of the questions to answer and which to deny through signs, head shaking and nods by this animated brat. The presiding judge had to repeatedly tell the obviously frightened military officers to face the court and address them.qqq

In that way, they blatantly refused to coorperate with the Judicial Commission and denied killing anyone.

He was again called upon to rescue the army when the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo set up a Kangaroo Presidential Investigation Panel exactly 3 years ago to investigate the excesses and human rights abuses of Nigerian army. Although the Kangaroo panel submitted a “report” in February 2018, it has since been consigned to the dustbin of history.

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