We Defeated Them, But They Won’t Abide By The Rule Of Law -Sheikh Zakzaky

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has accused the government of Nigeria for refusing to abide by the rule of law even after the Islamic Movement in Nigeria had squarely defeated them in their courts. He revealed the main and sole weapon with which the Islamic Movement defeated the authorities in their own courts. According to the Sheikh, “our main weapon is the truth, and it is the sole weapon with which we defeated the authorities in their own courts.” “The courts judged against them…

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PhotoSpeaks: Sheikh Zakzaky’s Unparalleled Interfaith Relationship

Sheikh Zakzaky’s unparalleled interfaith relationship is one of the reasons he is being persecuted and paradoxically termed a “terrorist” by the government that feels uncomfortable with his unifying activities and are thus terrorizing him and his Movement. As far back as the 90’s, he has demonstrated clearly his unequalled tolerant nature, from hosting Christian leaders and youths, to receiving Papal delegation from the Vatican, to providing refuge to Christians and other minority tribes in his residence during political and religious crises, to championing the ideals of the Christian-Muslim alternative to…

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