The Inhumane side of President Buhari

The Media and Publicity Department of the State House have run a documentary on major national television stations titled “The Human Side of President Buhari”. The documentary which is meant to showcase the ‘human’ side of Buhari has eventually turned out to be nothing but a loud testimony to what a majority of Nigerians already knows about the General who has an infamous reputation for political vendetta, vindictiveness, wickedness, circumvention of the constitution and such other flagrant displays of despotism. The fact that Buhari and his handlers found it imperative…

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President Buhari’s Christmas and New Year Wishes, Gifts to All Nigerians

[VIDEO] President Muhammadu Buhari is a very practical man, who says little but shows much! Again this year at Christmas and New Year, his wishes and gifts are better felt by Nigerians than all the sweet talks he will later murmur on TV. Just watch this:

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