Indians Join The Free Zakzaky Protests Today

Thousands of Indians were among those who globally took part in the series of Free Zakzaky protests activities worldwide in the renewed global effort to secure freedom for Sheikh Zakzaky to enable him attend to his ailing health situation while in the illegal detention of President Buhari of Nigeria. Thousands came out on foot, bikes and vehicles with banners and posters in solidarity with Free Zakzaky Movement worldwide. Advertisements

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Zaria Genocide: A Conspiracy Of Silence

The silence of the International community with regards to the Zaria massacre of December, 2015 is deafening. Not even the open confession of the government that it killed at least 347 of its civilian citizens without recourse to the law, nor the declaration that it secretly dug a mass grave, universally agreed a crime against humanity, in attempt to hide its criminality could elicit a deserved national and international outrage. We reflect on this via a look back at a press statement in September: While the suffering and persecution of…

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Summary of activities that Globally marked Second Anniversary of Zaria Massacre

The global Free Zakzaky team, in coordination with Universal Justice Network, and other bodies and activists organised worldwide protests, rallies and Twitter storm to mark second anniversary of the Zaria massacre and illegal detention of Sheikh Zakzaky and IMN members. Campaigners from around the world, including Nigeria, Niger, UK, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Switzerland, Indonesia, and Iran joined the campaign to demand justice for those detained and killed in the Zaria Massacre two years ago, during 12-14 December 2015. We bring to you a summary of events and activities that were held…

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