Islamic Movt Commences Religious Rites Of Muharram Mourning Sessions Across The Country

Thousands of the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria today commenced the religious rites of Muharram mourning sessions across different towns and villages in Nigeria to commemorate the killing of the grandson of the prophet (S), Imam Hussein (AS) on the plains of Karbala, Iraq some centuries ago. Imam Hussein was trapped by forces loyal to the renegade tyrant, Yazid ibn Muawiya and brutally murdered with his family members and a handful companions in the scorching sun on the Karbala dessert, having been blocked from access to water for…

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Activities, Venues, Dress Codes For Today’s Nigeria Mourns

As Nigerians are set to mourn fellow citizens who have been victims of violent killings in the country later today Monday the 28th of May 2018, the venues, dress codes and a wide range of activities have been earmarked for the solemn event. Some of the selected venues picked in some states in Nigeria to remember those whose blood was needlessly and violently shed across the states include: 1. Abuja Unity Fountain 2. Lagos A. Allen Roundabout Ikeja B.Lekki side, Lekki Ikoyi Bridge, Lekki C. Olokun Hall Ishaga, Isolo D.…

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