Like Zaria Massacre, Like Christchurch Mosque Massacre, But Much Worse In The Former Case

New Zealand condemnable mosque shooting has been likened to the Zaria massacre in many respects and has been described as a sad reminder of Zaria massacre of December, 2015. Both are said to have been based on hate for a people simply based on their faith. However, the two massacres also differ in many respects. The Zaria Massacre of 2015 was unquestionably worse than the Christchurch Mosque Massacre of 2019. Firstly, the former was state-executed while the later was carried out by an individual. Secondly, the Zaria massacre led to…

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The New Zealand Terror Attack: A Trauma Memory Trigger of Buhari’s Zaria Massacre

The world is shocked by a recent recorded video clip in circulation of one terrorist in the name of Brentan Tarrant who was seen shooting Muslims worshippers at a mosque(s) in Christ Church city of New Zealand. Not fewer than 49 were reported to have been killed and several others injured. For many other people I find it difficult to believe my eyes in the first place, how on earth is such a thing possible? How could somebody’s conscience allow him to go on killing another individual who is not…

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