Eight Incontrovertible Facts The NY Times’ Video Evidence Showed The World

Eight incontrovertible facts were exposed by the 8 minutes video investigation and evidence produced by the New York Times on the Nigerian army’s killing of peaceful Shiite protesters in the outskirts of Abuja, the national capital, at the end of October. Let us examine them: 1. The Shiites were on a religious march that is done at such time of the year in all the Shiite communities worldwide. New York Times indeed acknowledged this much. It was a religious march that didn’t have to be attacked. 2. The procession did…

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Biggest Lie: “El-Zakzaky’s Wife Not In Detention, Merely Keeping Her Husband’s Company” — Presidency

One of the grossly untrue stories ever told about the continued illegal detention of the leader and members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria since the gruesome attack of December, 2015 was the one that stated that Sheikh Zakzaky’s wife was “not in detention but merely keeping her husband company.” This fairytale was said by the Presidency, as reported in the Daily Trust sometimes ago in January, 2017. The presidency issued this colossal lie at a time the government perhaps contemplated letting her get out so as to use her…

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