The reliefs sought by IMN before the Federal High Court Sokoto

On Wednesday 29th November, 2017 the Federal High Court in Sokoto will hear a case for the enforcement of the Fundamental Rights of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN).

Last week IMN members in Sokoto instituted a case against the Sokoto State government, Sokoto State governor, the Sokoto State Attorney General & Commissioner of Justice and the Sokoto State Police Commissioner. Others joined in the suit as defendants are the Director, State Security Service Sokoto, the Director Department of Security Service Sokoto and the Inspector General of Police.

The reliefs sort are:

1. A DECLARATION that the incessant harassments, molestations and open violent physical attacks on the applicants by men of the Sokoto State Police Command on the instructions/orders of the 4th respondent during the applicants’ peaceful religious activities/processions (Ashura) in Sokoto State which hinders the applicants from freely performing/observing their religious obligations constitutes a deliberate infringement of the applicants’ Fundamental Rights to Personal Liberty, Dignity of Human Person and Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion as guaranteed at Sections 35(1), 34(1) (a) and 38(1) respectively of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (As Amended).

2. A DECLARATION that the failure of the 7th respondent to proactively respond to the petition of the applicants served on him since 24th October, 2017 on the dangerous Sectarian Politics in Sokoto State with his subordinates, the 4th respondent as a major actor and script player which gravely undermines the Fundamental Rights of the applicants is deliberate, unfortunate, unconscionable and utter disregard for his Statutory Responsibilities and Oath of office particularly as it relates to security of citizens.

3. A DECLARATION that the wide radio broadcast on Rima Radio and other local radio houses around Sokoto state about the applicant and the subsequent (publication in the Daily Trust of 28/9/2017 by the 1st, 2nd & 3rd respondents acting in concert is unfounded, unwarranted, ill-conceived, inciting, outright demonstration of hatred capable of setting the public against the applicants in Sokoto State.

4. A DECLARATION that the recent invitation of the applicants by the 5th respondent on a purported petition against the applicants by a group of undisclosed persons and a copy of which petition the 5th respondent declined furnishing the applicants with to enable them prepare for their response is unreasonable, deliberate, unfortunate and an attempt to undermine the applicants Fundamental Right to Defense of any allegations against them by any person(s) or authority(ies).

5. A DECLARATION that the applicants are entitled to equal level of fair treatment and protection like any other citizens of Sokoto state by the respondents jointly and severally under all circumstances.

6. AN ORDER OF PERPETUAL INJUNCTION restraining the 4th defendant either by himself or any person(s) acting under his instructions/information from any further harassments, molestations and violently attacking and/or arresting and detaining the applicants during their peaceful Ashura processions in Sokoto State.

7. AN ORDER OF PERPETUAL INJUNCTION restraining the 1st to 3rd respondents from ever making any unfounded and unverified publications capable of inciting the public against the applicants in Sokoto state.

8. AN ORDER on the 4th to 7th respondents to henceforth provide security for the applicants during their major public religious activities and processions in Sokoto state.

9. AN ORDER for Compensation in the sum of N50,000,000 and public apology in favour of the applicants for the excruciating pains sufered from the unlawful acts of the respondents against them.

10. The cost of filing this suit.

The grounds for seeking these reliefs are:

  • The applicants like other citizens of Nigeria are entitled to their guaranteed Fundamental Rights enshrined at chapter iv of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (As mended).
  • The respondents are under statutory obligation and oath to protect any of the applicants’ rights under chapter iv of the constitution from being infringed upon.
  • The applicants are entitled to fair and equal treatment in all circumstances like any other citizens of Nigeria especially in circumstances of the kind necessitating this action.
  • The applicants are entitled pursuant to Section 46 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (As Amended) to approach this Honourable Court by way of redress in cases of breach of their Fundamental Rights as in this case and this Honourable Court is empowered to determine such actions.

Wednesday 29th November, 2017 has been set aside for moving the application and hearing.

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  1. The lawlessness by the government and its security operatives are the major causes of insecurity and backwardness in this country.


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