Islamic Movement Is Still Searching For Protesters Still Missing In Abuja Since Last Week’s Procession

The Free Zakzaky Campaign Committee is still counting losses especially of persons known to have come to Abuja for the week-long peaceful Free Zakzaky processions but are still unaccounted for.

A statement by the Campaign Committee calls on people to submit the names, photographs and other details of persons that attended the processions, but are now missing. Such persons would not have been among those known to have been captives by the police and detained or taken to courts and granted bail. They also would not have been injured or killed and their bodies recovered for treatment in hospitals or taken for burial respectively.

At least three people have been confirmed killed by the Buhari Police in the week-long street protest calling for a free Zakzaky from illegal detention, especially with the news of his ailing health situation in detention occasioned by a stroke.

However, there have been reports that indicated that these Buhari police had tortured some of the protesters to death and there corpses were dumped in mortuaries across the capital as those of armed robbers killed during anti-robbery operations. Similar fate had befallen some severely wounded protesters earlier thought missing but were seen in emergency rooms of hospitals and labeled as unknown criminals until it occurred to the hospital authorities that they are in fact members of the Islamic Movement.

To this end, anyone with useful information of anyone still missing from the Abuja protests should forward details to the campaign committee either through its email address, WhatsApp number or SMS or forward to the Facebook page or message or Direct message on its Twitter handle.


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