Sheikh Zakzaky Reportedly Allowed To Talk To Press For The First Time

Sheikh El-Zakzaky has been reportedly allowed to speak to a select section of the Press today for the first time since his illegal detention.

This followed recent wave of incessant street action calling for his release all over the country as well as globally following reports of his deteriorating health condition in detention.

A rumour emanating from his detainers had circulated that he was dead, probably to incite violence but members of the Movement called their bluff appropriately. That prompted them to demand to confiscate the phone with him, which they allowed bi-weekly greetings to family members. The security were forced to refute the rumour subsequently as it had clearly backfired.

This reported press discussion with the Sheikh is apparently to further calm frayed nerves. It is coming out at least two years after the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 1st Division of the Nigerian Army said in a press briefing then that the Sheikh was alive, and would “soon be talking to his members.”

We would post details when it becomes clearer and video later on the press conference.

One thing is clear however, this will not be sufficient to stop the agitation for free Zakzaky, as only a truly free Zakzaky will suffice as ordered by the Federal High Court.

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4 Thoughts to “Sheikh Zakzaky Reportedly Allowed To Talk To Press For The First Time”

  1. Abou Ali

    A small victory thanks to the blood of the martyrs & those injured demanding the freedom of the Sheikh & other prisoners of conscience. We must not relent till their release and justice is achieved.

  2. Abou Ali

    AlhamduliLlah. The best news in a long while. Nigerians of conscience must not relent on the pressure till the tyrant frees the Sheikh, his wife & other prisoners of conscience be it members of the Islamic Movement or other innocent Nigerians. There has to be a lasting solution to the oppressive & tyrannical regime so no other Nigerian is ever subjected to this tyranny & injustice.

  3. Ahmad Zakzakiyya karaye

    what all we are needed now to released our revered leader for medical attention and unconditional

  4. Free Shaikh Ibrahim Zazaky now and allow him to take proper medical treatment. Nothing left for him in this world. Nigerian govt military has killed his SIX SONS. For a old man this tragedy is more than enough.

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