IG OF Police Competing To Surpass Army In Killing Of Islamic Movement Members

In what appears to be a very toxic rivalry for Buhari’s attention and blood money, the Buhari Police Force under the murderous leadership of its Inspector-General of police (IGP), Ibrahim kpotun Idris, has stepped up its savagery level to march that of the Army.

A cursory look at the headlines in the past few weeks indicate that the numbers have stacked up, and are of such geometric proportions in the brutality scale.

In November 2017, we reported the show of shame in Abuja, as the Buhari Police unleashed its fury on peaceful procession.

As if that was not bad enough, the police had to file out to physically block a peaceful and unarmed free Zakzaky procession in Abuja during the second year anniversary of the Zaria massacre.

That shameless physical blockade of the ever busy lanes of Abuja street was captured on video by a television news channel, People’s TV (PTV) this way:

In Kaduna last week, Buhari police, at the beck and call of the state governor, Nasiru El-Rufai, opened fire on peaceful protesters calling for freedom of Sheikh Zakzaky, whose health situation worsened in illegal detention earlier, killing at least two persons.

As the waves of Free Zakzaky protests hit the Nigerian capital Abuja, it did not take a moment for the Buhari police to show the stuff they are made of. They came out at their usual worst, physically assaulting and battering peaceful and unarmed protestors, some braking their limbs or fracturing their skulls with sticks, clubs, snippets, butts of their guns and virtually every crude object they could muster.

It didn’t stop there, as over successive days of the protests several people were wounded, many others arrested and tortured to death, while others were shot dead. Others escaped with bruises, contusions, lacerations or sprains. It was a police force at its beastly worst.

In their typical manner, the police had to resort to lies to explain away these unjustified show of shame as they exhibited the lowest of lowly characters in unleashing a storm of fury on peaceful protesters legitimately demanding the immediate release of Sheikh Zakzaky from illegal detention.

Police as rotten as its head:

The overall police chief, Ibrahim kpotun Idris is a corrupt-laden man, who wants to satisfy and impress the maximum Nigerian tyrant.

He saw how the tenure of the corrupt and blood-soaked Chief of Army Staff was extended. He would want to similarly impress and be similarly extended despite his scandalous public and private life.

A Senator of the Federal Republic, Sen. Hamman Isah Misau, himself a former policeman, had lifted a little the lid off the can and allowed the putrefying stench out in the open.

There was allegation of N120bn security scam raised against him by the Senator. Misau had accused the IGP Idris of collecting about N120 billion as bill for special security services to corporate bodies, such as oil firms, and highly placed individuals through a process he confirmed as “series of fraudulent practices in the running of the Nigerian Police.”

There were also a history of serial extra marital affairs with serving female police officers, including one Amina, whom he impregnated and latter converted to “wife” in Kaduna. Then there was more extra marital affair with other serving police women including one Esther.

Such is the very filthy life of the current Police chief, who has been killing our promising youth that are determined to fight injustice and impunity so that we live a just and better life for all.

It was the character of the person that some Wahabi clerics met with, as a hidden link to these acts of savagery currently being exhibited by the Buhari police.

He was one of three that failed to show up in the matter before a Federal High Court Kaduna of enforcement of the fundamental rights of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

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