The daily Free Zakzaky Sit Out embarked by a coalition of groups in Abuja gets underway to an impressive start.

The event witnessed the presence of hundreds of activists, groups, media outfits, diplomats and members of the Movement. Circled around a very large Nigerian flag of Green-White-Green with a very bold inscription of #FreeZakzaky in its middle in red, activist after activist took turns in giving speeches and slogans to the enthused audience. There were also different banners and posters on display with different inscriptions. It was a great sight at a great scene.

The first day was an impressive start. Security and Buhari Police equally in large numbers strategically took position with guns, clubs, sticks, teargas cannons, and hot water cannons, but this time around watched the event without causing a stir. The Police were perplexed as activists searched everyone that came to the Unity Fountain for any incriminating objects before being allowed to join the event, to forestall a situation where some will infiltrate with anything dangerous to the participants or something incriminating in order to be used as an excuse to disrupt the event.

The first day ended peacefully.