“Bullets Fell On Us Like Rain Showers” – Touching Stories At Daily Sit Out Today

Tears fell from the cheeks of so many people once again today when two sisters took the stage at the daily sit out at the Unity Fountain Abuja to tell their touching stories of how they survived the brutal massacre in Zaria and the near hell they went through in the hands of the Nigerian army.

While speaking about what she went through, “bullets poured down on us as the rains fell from the sky on the roofs,” she said.

Malama Jamila was speaking primarily about her husband, Sheikh Mukhtar Sahabi, who was the Amir of members in Kaduna before his enforced disappearance sequel to the genocide in Zaria between 12th and 14th December, 2015.

She said she has further lost her son in-law, Rabiu in the brutal attacks too. Describing the hell they were made to go through, she said the soldiers had mercilessly murdered some young girls before their eyes and had they not devised a means to narrowly escape, the soldiers would have got to them, violated them and probably kill them.

She said she talked with her husband in the thick of the crisis via text and call. He told her he took refuge somewhere in one house. She further said he told her that although the rampaging soldiers gained entry to that compound and killed all its occupants, he was not shot because they didn’t see where he hid. However, she said it is perplexing how he now disappeared into thin air. Did the military pick him alive and is holding him or did they kill him? Only time will tell.

She sounded a defiant note to the tyrants, Buhari and El-Rufai, that “we are resolute in seeking for the freedom of our leader, Sheikh Zakzaky and we will never forsake him or the Movement,” she concluded.

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  1. Salaam,I will like 2 express my appreciation, 2 members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria especially d youth 4 protesting peacefully in abuja,keep it up with tolerance n perseverance,surely Allah’s allies are the triumph, I will also like to call the attention of ahludduthur to put more efforts upon what they are already doing in supporting the youths to increase in their population and remains until our leader sheik zakzaky (H) is freed.

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