Govt Trying To Obliterate the Mention Of “Free Zakzaky”

It appears that the government is increasingly becoming uncomfortable with the phrase “Free Zakzaky” by the day and it is spending sleepless nights in trying to obliterate it or substitute it.

A team of so-called experts have been commissioned to find alternatives that would serve to distract attention and be what will rather occupy the minds of members of the Islamic Movement. A source close to the devilish plot was quoted as saying, “in the next few days, they will begin to discard that slogan and assume some we will create for them.”

According to them, each time the words “Free Zakzaky” is mentioned, it is a sad reminder to the world that they are being unjustifiably treated through the detention of their leader, and this is embarrassing to the government. “We have to make them change course,” the source said. It further said they tried it all before in the past without success, but that now they have devised some new methods of silently making them abandon the words. “We had concentrated on diverting their attention on social media and through getting our agents start some mini more innocuous campaigns with the hope they switch to them, but these have been largely unsuccessful.” However, the source expressed optimism that this their new methods will “definitely” succeed.

It remains to be seen how they will make people abandon the words “Free Zakzaky” while they yet keep the Sheikh in captivity. Whatever methods they will devise, we will not stop saying “Free Zakzaky” or indeed working in whatever peaceful means to actualize it. We are on the alert for any “alternative” slogans they will frame, and we jettison them even before they are deployed.

Like we often say, the struggle to free Sheikh Zakzaky is our every move, every turn, every blink, every act, every thought, everywhere, every time and everything. We will not relent until we achieve that.

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  1. Buhari #FREEZAKZAKY
    we are all Zakzaky

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