Zakzaky Is A Prisoner Of Faith – Former Buhari Right-hand Man

A former President Buhari right-hand man, Buba Galadima has described Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky as a prisoner of faith.

He was speaking in a television program “Focus Nigeria:Matters Arising” on AIT on the question of political detainees and the flagrant disrespect to the rule of law by his former political ally.

Commenting the detention of high profile detainees against court orders, Buba Galadima said, El-Zakzaky is being detained “for not practising the kind of Islam that those in authority…want.” This, according to him, is contrary to constitutional provisions that guarantee freedom of faith and conscience.

Responding to suggestions that the Sheikh’s exercise of his rights might have infringed on the rights of others, Buba Galadima said, “that is why the courts are there.” Adding that, “if my rights infringes on your rights, you take me to court. You don’t use your might against me,” in reference to the brutal massacre and extra judicial attacks that preceded the arrest and detention of the Sheikh.

He went on to educate Nigerians on the principles of separation of powers, stating that, “of the three arms of government, the executive is the weakest” in terms of power relations.


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