Plot Thickens As Evil Forces Regroup Against Sheikh Zakzaky, Islamic Movement In Saudi Arabia

There was a subtle but deliberate reenactment of the ‘evil assembly’ of forces actively working to see to the total destruction of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in Saudi Arabia in the past week as the plot to complete what was started about four years ago thickens.

Unlike the first assembly in February 2016 where they congregated to celebrate their victory at the heinous massacre in Zaria in December 2015 however, this one is to see what remains to be done to complete what they started then, and was craftily designed to obscure the nefarious mission.

Key culprit in the mass murder of members of the Islamic Movement in Zaria and the Chief Architect of the Mass grave in Kaduna, Elrufai was allegedly performing Umrah rites also at the same time as the President. They carefully avoided media hype to obscure their nefarious mission

Chief of Army Staff Burutai was also in Saudi Arabia for the perfection of the plot against the Movement

Buhari was shown here allegedly performing Umrah rites, but what would never be shown are the clandestine moves that went on behind close doors

Since the confession last year April by the Saudi Crown Prince, in which he counted the brutal massacre against the Sheikh Zakzaky-led Islamic Movement as one of their greatest achievements in Africa, there has been renewal of efforts to complete this evil scheme.

Barely a month later, the Buhari government used brute force to disperse the very successful free Zakzaky sit-out campaign that was peacefully conducted at the Unity Fountain in the heart of Abuja for nearly 100 days earlier.

The government also forcibly brought the Sheikh and his wife to Kaduna and started a fake court trial of the duo for false charges of aiding and abetting what the same court had earlier discharged and acquitted those charged for committing.

For a whole year, there has not been any progress in that case simply because of the unwillingness of the government to proceed with the case, knowing that they don’t have any case against them. They have employed different tactics of sabotaging any progress in that regards.

There was also the brutal killing of members of the Movement in Abuja last November during the religious duty of Arba’een trek. The Elite forces of the Presidential Guards had over three consecutive days killed at least 50 members of the Movement in Abuja.

In the meantime, the government intensified its internal campaigns to disintegrate the unity and cohesion of the Islamic Movement in order to break the will and resolve of its members.

As the next Quds day is fast approaching, the government is fretting and their international sponsors are increasingly getting worried that their evil schemes are failing. They invited President Buhari to go to Saudi Arabia under the pretence of performing lesser pilgrimage (Umrah) for further talks and instructions.

Not too surprising however, key figures in the pogrom were also conveniently performing the Umrah at the same time but with little media coverage in order to obscure the thickening plots.

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